January 23, 2018

A Chocolat Affair, Kalispell, Montana

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“A Chocolat Affair” is a sugar-filled event in Kalispell, Montana, that happens at the beginning of February each year.

Many of the downtown businesses in Kalispell offer free chocolate and wine from 5-7 pm on this wonderful Friday February evening each year.  Yes, I said FREE CHOCOLATE and FREE WINE.  Really, what more needs to be said?!

The businesses that participate get creative in their chocolate offerings each year, as it is up to those visiting the shops to judge the chocolates and determine which store offered the best one!  Usually the chocolates are set up on tables near the back of the store.

Be sure to grab a “card,” and get each store you visit to mark that you visited their store.  If you visit 12 stores, you can drop your card at specific locations (these vary each year), and be entered to win door prizes.  Must be 18 to win.

This event is extremely packed, and it is no wonder why.  Expect to shuffle in and out of stores.  The earlier you arrive, the better.  Parking can be hard to find in downtown Kalispell, and the stores get more crowded as the night goes on.  I like to visit 12 stores so that I can enter the drawing, but also take the time to shop and enjoy the stores as well.  Downtown Kalispell has adorable local shops to browse, and the owners are friendly!

The fun doesn’t end after the chocolate!  Specific restaurants in downtown will offer music and dancing for those who want to stay out later.

The Chocolat Affair is a fun night for the family in Kalispell, Montana, each year!  Hope to see you there!

Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

Montana Vacation Blog


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