• Chinese Wall, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog
    Sun Canyon Lodge and Outfitting, Trip to the Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

    A few weeks ago, I spent six days in the Bob Marshall Wilderness with Sun Canyon Lodge and ...

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  • Holland Lake, Swan Valley, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2014
    Hiking to Holland Falls and Holland Lake, Swan Valley, Montana

    Holland Lake and Holland Falls are located in the Swan Valley in northwest Montana.  Located ...

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  • The Neill family and their Chevy truck driving the Going-to-the-Sun Road at dusk, May 2016, Glacier National Park, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog 2016
    Mother’s Day Weekend Camping at St. Mary Campground, Glacier National Park

    St. Mary Campground in Glacier National Park has been off our radar for quite some time. It is ...

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  • Lake Five as seen from Lake Five Resort, northwest Montana, Montana Vacation Blog
    Lake Five Resort, Near Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana

    Lake Five is tucked away just off of US Highway 2 as you approach Glacier National Park driving ...

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  • Alex Neill at Mary Bay, Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
    Mary Bay: A Gorgeous Spot with Cell Service at Yellowstone Lake

    Mary Bay is a stunning, isolated beach facing west along Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone ...

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Camping at Apgar Campground, Glacier National Park

Neill family camping at Apgar campground, Glacier National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog May 2015

Apgar Campground in Glacier National Park is the largest campground in Glacier National Park. While the campground is on a first-come, first-serve basis, you can get a spot if you arrive early in the day as campers are leaving.  Apgar Campground is in the trees, so you will have shade at all of ...

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Driving Highway 49 and Highway 89 from East Glacier to St. Mary, Glacier National Park, Montana

Driving Highway 49 between East Glacier and St. Mary in Glacier National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2014

Much of the eastern side of Glacier National Park is easily missed by visitors to Montana. Most people fly into Kalispell, head to the west side of Glacier Park, and then drive the Going-to-the-Sun Road, at least to Logan Pass. There is so much to be seen on the eastern side, and Highway 49 ...

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How to Enjoy Whitefish Lake in the Winter, Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish Mountain Resort reflecting into Whitefish Lake in December, 2014, Whitefish, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog 2014

Whitefish Lake in northwest Montana is a completely different sight in the winter than in the summer.  Summer makes for great swimming and boating.  In winter, the lake freezes (or most of it) and allows you to cross country ski, ice fish, and possibly ice skate.  I would not recommend going ...

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Downtown Whitefish, Montana, Christmas Stroll and Winter Photos

Casey's Bar, downtown Whitefish Montana on a snowy winter day, Montana Vacation Blog 2014

Every year, the city of Whitefish decorates the downtown with garland and red bells, transforming this small Montana town into a wintery, festive world.  The shops add to the joy by decorating the storefronts, and then the snow falls, and Whitefish becomes a magical place.  In December each ...

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Fall in Love with Fall in Montana

Autumn at Whitefish Lake, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2014

I have written this same thing many times … Every time that autumn arrives in Montana, I fall in love with fall in Montana all over again. The colors are absolutely spectacular as the Western Larch changes color before it loses its needles in November, just in time for winter.  This ...

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Postcards {photos} of Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana

Lake McDonald from Apgar, Glacier National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2014

Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park is probably the most well known place to visit in this beautiful national park.  That stunning view from the shores of Apgar are enough to make anyone want to visit Montana.  And this view is accessible at anytime of the year, even in the dead of winter ...

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A Guide to Fishing Montana’s Small Streams

Fishing Montana's Small Streams

Montana is famous for some of its legendary larger rivers like the Madison, Yellowstone, Missouri and Bighorn.  These larger fisheries grace the covers of many magazines and are a household name in fly fishing families worldwide.  While these blue ribbon rivers certainly deserve the attention ...

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The Seasons of Glacier National Park

Chief Mountain, Glacier National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog, http://www.montanavacationblog.com/

Have you been wondering when is the best time to visit Glacier National Park in Montana?  Each season offers its own colors, its own temperatures, and its own road closures.  When the best time is to visit will have to be something that you ultimately decide, but here I am sharing a bit of ...

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Top Hikes in Glacier National Park for Families

View of the Swiftcurrent Valley from the Red Rock Falls Trail, Glacier National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog, http://www.montanavacationblog.com/

Are you looking for easy, half-day hikes around Glacier National Park in Montana to do with your family?  I have compiled a list of hikes that I highly recommend for those looking to get outside, bring their kids, and have an enjoyable day!  Oh, and pack a lunch! (The following hikes are in no ...

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