• Great Northern Mountain and Hungry Horse Reservoir, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2013, http://www.montanavacationblog.com/
    Great Northern Mountain and Hungry Horse Reservoir, Hungry Horse, Montana

    The beautiful Hungry Horse Reservoir is located on the south fork of the Flathead River, 20 ...

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  • The Flathead River as seen from West Glacier, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog, http://www.montanavacationblog.com/, October 2013
    What to do in West Glacier: Your Guide to West Glacier, Montana

    For those of us that live near here, West Glacier, Montana, is sometimes passed over as a small ...

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  • Information about Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

    There are not enough words to give Many Glacier in Glacier National Park the credit it ...

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  • Things to do in Montana

    Not sure if Montana is worth a visit?  Wondering what there is to do in Montana? Born and ...

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  • Alex Neill standing on the Pitamakan Overlook along the Dawson -Pitamakan Loop, Glacier National Park, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog 2015
    A Day Hike on the 18-Mile Dawson-Pitamakan Pass in Glacier National Park

    I have been wanting to do the Dawson-Pitamakan Pass Loop for a few years now. I had it planned ...

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First Northwest Montana Snow 2014

Snowfall in the Flathead Valley, November 2014

There is something about the first snow that just puts a start on the winter season and makes me feel like the holidays have arrived.  This time of year is so special.  Picking out a Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and baking while listening to Christmas music.  It is truly the season of ...

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My Plans for Summer 2015

Neill family in hollow tree on hike to Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2014

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” //  T.S. Eliot The summer of 2014 was an amazing time.  My “baby” turned two, I turned thirty, and my second daughter was ...

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Exploring Your Own Backyard

The Rocky Mountains in the Flathead Valley, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2014

The greatest lesson I have learned from this blog is how important it is to explore your own backyard. I used to spend hours planning trips and dreaming of years spent abroad. (I did in fact spend many years abroad). I too often overlooked the beauty that I had in my own backyard.  I always... ...

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Fall in Love with Fall in Montana

Autumn at Whitefish Lake, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2014

I have written this same thing many times … Every time that autumn arrives in Montana, I fall in love with fall in Montana all over again. The colors are absolutely spectacular as the Western Larch changes color before it loses its needles in November, just in time for winter.  This ...

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Why you CAN and SHOULD hike with kids

Aster Park Lookout, Yellowstone National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog

Hiking with kids can be a challenge.  Anyone with kids knows that life with kids can be challenging.  I am a firm believer that getting your kids outdoors and participating in nature is beneficial from an early age.  I am here to tell you that despite the challenges, hiking with kids is ...

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Mary Bay: A Gorgeous Spot with Cell Service at Yellowstone Lake

Alex Neill at Mary Bay, Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Mary Bay is a stunning, isolated beach facing west along Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park. This gorgeous place is so easily missed.  If you don’t drive to the East Entrance of the park, you wouldn’t even know this bay existed.  Mary Bay is only a few miles down the road ...

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Summer 2013: The Summer I Spent with my Girl in her Backpack

Alex Neill and baby girl hiking to Red Rock Falls, Glacier National Park, Montana Vacation Blog, http://www.montanavacationblog.com/

This picture means more to me than I can ever put into words. The summer of 2013 looked just like this, a time of fresh air, miles under our feet, and sunshine on our face.  The summer I showed her everything the state of Montana has to offer her. Future summers may hold different things.... ...

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The end of summer 2013

We just returned from our Yellowstone National Park trip, to find that the summer is coming to an end. The floating docks have been pulled out of Whitefish Lake, and the crowds are diminishing. Kids are back in school, and the air feels empty. Living in Montana, it always seems that summer is ...

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Montana, my love

Montana is my true love.  Montana is the place I call home. Montana is a place where life is based around simpler things.  A place with enough space and something for everyone, from the Rocky Mountains to the rolling plains.  A place where you can ride your horse to work, you can visit a ...

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