• Chief Mountain, Glacier National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog, http://www.montanavacationblog.com/
    The Seasons of Glacier National Park

    Have you been wondering when is the best time to visit Glacier National Park in Montana?  Each ...

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  • Alex Neill standing on the Pitamakan Overlook along the Dawson -Pitamakan Loop, Glacier National Park, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog 2015
    A Day Hike on the 18-Mile Dawson-Pitamakan Pass in Glacier National Park

    I have been wanting to do the Dawson-Pitamakan Pass Loop for a few years now. I had it planned ...

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  • Whitefish Mountain Resort reflecting into Whitefish Lake in December, 2014, Whitefish, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog 2014
    How to Enjoy Whitefish Lake in the Winter, Whitefish, Montana

    Whitefish Lake in northwest Montana is a completely different sight in the winter than in the ...

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  • Neill family camping at Apgar campground, Glacier National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog May 2015
    Camping at Apgar Campground, Glacier National Park

    Apgar Campground in Glacier National Park is the largest campground in Glacier National Park. ...

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  • Montana Vacation Blog's Explorer Kit for Kids to keep them entertained while camping, 2015
    How To Keep Young Kids Entertained While Camping

    I get asked often how to keep kids entertained while camping. Well, older kids (perhaps over ...

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Exploring the Ross Creek Cedars, Bull Lake, and Kootenai Falls, Libby, Montana

Exploring the Ross Creek Cedars, Libby, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog 2015

The Ross Creek Cedars are a gem of western red cedars found not far from the small town of Libby in northwest Montana. The best way to see them is if you are driving between Spokane, WA, or Sandpoint, ID, on your way to Montana. Some of the trees are said to be more than... Read More

Exploring Lion Lake in Northwest Montana

Alex Neill at Lion Lake in November 2015 with beautiful lake reflections and yellow larch trees, Lion Lake, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog, November 2015

When the weather turns to November in Montana, it can be more difficult to get outside with kids thanks to the cold and rainy weather. When the sun came out shining this morning, my friend Paige and I decided to get outside and explore these beautiful fall colors. This exploration led me first ...

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Driving to the North Shore of Whitefish Lake, Montana

Whitefish Lake, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog 2015

What I love about Montana are all of the back roads that are accessible to everyone! You don’t always have to drive far to reach the back roads either. Today after my daughter got out of school, I figured we should try to get some photos of the last days of the golden trees, but... Read More

Things to do in northwest Montana: The Goat Lick on Highway 2 near Essex

The Goat Lick along the middle fork of the Flathead River in Glacier National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog May 2015

If you are driving Highway 2 between West Glacier and East Glacier in the northwest corner of Montana, I recommend stopping at the Goat Lick Overlook near Essex. What brings people to this spot is the hope of seeing mountain goats. Usually mountain goats prefer to stay on the rocky cliffs at ...

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Driving Highway 49 and Highway 89 from East Glacier to St. Mary, Glacier National Park, Montana

Driving Highway 49 between East Glacier and St. Mary in Glacier National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2014

Much of the eastern side of Glacier National Park is easily missed by visitors to Montana. Most people fly into Kalispell, head to the west side of Glacier Park, and then drive the Going-to-the-Sun Road, at least to Logan Pass. There is so much to be seen on the eastern side, and Highway 49 ...

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Wild Horse Island, Flathead Lake, Montana

Wild Horse Island on Flathead Lake as seen from the air, Montana Vacation Blog

Wild Horse Island is the largest island on Flathead Lake in northwest Montana.  This 2,000 acre state park is day-use only, and is only accessible by boat.  Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River, measuring approximately 30 miles long and 16 miles wide. The ...

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Where to find a Camel and a Zebra in northwest Montana

Camel in Columbia Falls, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

If you are looking for a fun outing in the Flathead Valley, there is a ranch that keeps a camel, a zebra, and bison alongside a few horses in Columbia Falls, Montana. Driving by you will most likely do a double take, trying to decide if you are actually seeing a zebra and a camel... Read More

Postcards {Photos} from Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Bowman Lake at Glacier National Park, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2014

It is no secret that I love Bowman Lake, tucked away in the northwest corner of Glacier National Park in Montana.  Some people may not want to make the long trek to this stunning lake, but the journey is well worth the trouble.  Bowman Lake has a nice beach area along with some grass, making... ...

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Fall in Love with Fall in Montana

Autumn at Whitefish Lake, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2014

I have written this same thing many times … Every time that autumn arrives in Montana, I fall in love with fall in Montana all over again. The colors are absolutely spectacular as the Western Larch changes color before it loses its needles in November, just in time for winter.  This ...

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When does the Going-to-the-Sun Highway open and close in 2014?

Sunset on the Going-to-the-Sun Highway, Glacier National Park, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

Parts of the Going-to-the-Sun Highway in Glacier National Park in Montana are open year-round to vehicles, but in my opinion the best time to visit is when you can drive the entire length (50 miles) over Logan Pass and experience all that Glacier Park has to offer. Unfortunately, due to the ...

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