• Great Northern Mountain and Hungry Horse Reservoir, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog 2013, http://www.montanavacationblog.com/
    Great Northern Mountain and Hungry Horse Reservoir, Hungry Horse, Montana

    The beautiful Hungry Horse Reservoir is located on the south fork of the Flathead River, 20 ...

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  • The Flathead River as seen from West Glacier, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog, http://www.montanavacationblog.com/, October 2013
    What to do in West Glacier: Your Guide to West Glacier, Montana

    For those of us that live near here, West Glacier, Montana, is sometimes passed over as a small ...

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  • Information about Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

    There are not enough words to give Many Glacier in Glacier National Park the credit it ...

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  • Things to do in Montana

    Not sure if Montana is worth a visit?  Wondering what there is to do in Montana? Born and ...

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  • Alex Neill standing on the Pitamakan Overlook along the Dawson -Pitamakan Loop, Glacier National Park, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog 2015
    A Day Hike on the 18-Mile Dawson-Pitamakan Pass in Glacier National Park

    I have been wanting to do the Dawson-Pitamakan Pass Loop for a few years now. I had it planned ...

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Beware of Bison in Yellowstone National Park

The stories we mainly hear about from Yellowstone National Park are the ones that involve people being “attacked” by bears. The following fact is taken from Yellowstone’s website: There are more people hurt by bison than by bears each year in Yellowstone. Park regulations ...

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Watch for bison on roadways near Yellowstone National Park

Keep your eyes peeled for bison (buffalo) when you drive around Yellowstone National Park.  Bison do get out of the park, despite attempts to keep them contained, and they are very difficult to see on the road.  This is especially true at night, because their eyes do not reflect like deer in ...

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Where is Yellowstone National Park?

Where is Yellowstone National Park?  Yellowstone National Park is a national park located mostly in the state of Wyoming, in the United States.  The park is also partially located in Montana and Idaho. The park covers more than 3,460 square miles, including mountains, lakes, rivers, and is ...

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Things to do in Montana

Not sure if Montana is worth a visit?  Wondering what there is to do in Montana? Born and raised in Montana, I truly believe this state is a special place that will provide you with the unique vacation you are looking for.  What I love is that most of the things it has to offer... Read More

Map of the Pullouts in Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park

Anyone who has visited Yellowstone National Park in Montana and Wyoming has probably learned that the Lamar Valley is referred to as the “Serengeti of Yellowstone.”  This means, of course, that the Lamar Valley is packed with animals, and the open fields and hillsides make this a ...

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When Is It Worth Buying the Annual Pass to all national parks?

Are you planning an U.S. road trip this summer?  Planning on visiting multiple national parks? Something to consider buying is the Annual Park Pass for $80.00 that gets you one year’s access to all of the national parks in the United States.  The pass also includes entrance to national ...

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Free Entrance to National Parks (Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park)

Did you know that the national parks offer FREE entry days throughout the year?!  Normally, national parks have an entry fee as you drive into each park, or you have the option of buying a yearly pass. Here is the list from the US National Park service website of free entry dates for 2013: ...

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Ten Quick Tips For Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Here is my list of ten quick tips that I hope will be helpful to you as you plan your trip to Yellowstone National Park.  The following are in no particular order, as I believe they are all important to consider in planning your trip. 1.  BOOK LODGING IN ADVANCE. I cannot tell you how quickly ...

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Buzzfeed’s Top Ten List for “Why Montana is the Country’s Best Kept Secret”

Buzzfeed recently featured ten reasons for visiting Montana, in an article called, “Why Montana Is The Country’s Best Kept Secret.” My favorites on their list are #2, #5, and #7 … well, heck, I like them all.  Read the article so you see what I am talking about! 😉 I ...

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Wondering how to book your stay in Yellowstone National Park?

Are you wondering how to book your lodging or camping in Yellowstone National Park? The one thing that I can HIGHLY recommend is to book your lodging in any national park well in advance.  Six months to a year in advance if you can.  You will not believe how quickly the lodging and camping ...

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