January 22, 2018

Finley Point Grill: A gem of a restaurant along Flathead Lake

We stopped and ate at Finley Point Grill outside of Polson, Montana, on a random, cold winter day.

Finley Point Grill is located 6 miles north of Polson, on MT Highway 35, heading towards Bigfork. Just past mile marker 6, you will see the grill on your left hand side.  I would HIGHLY recommend making this stop!

The grill gets their beef from a local cattle ranch in nearby Ronan, Montana.  The friendly people informed us that their sirloin is the best thing on the menu.  We had stopped for lunch, so unfortunately, we missed out on trying this.  We were also told that they get fresh seafood twice a week.

We ordered the Philly Cheesesteak and the Prime Rib Sandwich. The Philly was $11, and the Prime Rib Sandwich was a lunch special for $8 that was leftover from the night before. The food was amazing! Very unexpected for this spot!

december 2012 finley point 5-001december 2012 finley point 4-001

The Prime Rib Sandwich came with steak fries, and the Philly came with your choice of steak fries or sweet potato fries.  Check out my post about sweet potato fries! They are delicious.  We also ended up with a few random onion rings, which I think the chef threw in for us out of kindness since the restaurant happened to be empty.  The Philly had a lot of flavor and the Prime Rib, even as leftover, was delicious.  Just from this quick lunch I would assume that all of their meals (especially dinner) is amazing.

You can see inside the kitchen while they are cooking, which is something I always appreciate.

december 2012 finley point grill 1-001

We were also informed by our friendly server that there is live music in the summer downstairs on Thursdays, which sounds like a good time.

The inside decor is absolutely beautiful.  Western with a modern twist, there is a lot to look at while dining. We were also there during the off-season, and right after Christmas, so we were fortunate to find an empty restaurant with a lot of Christmas decorations.

Women's bathroom

Women’s bathroom

december 2012 finley point 2-001december 2012 finley point 3-001

If you are looking for a nice place for lunch or dinner while driving by Flathead Lake, or while staying in Polson or Bigfork, I would recommend stopping here for a bite to eat. There is a full bar, friendly people, and amazing food!

Warmest wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

Montana Vacation Blog


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