January 23, 2018

First Northwest Montana Snow 2014

Snowfall in the Flathead Valley, November 2014

There is something about the first snow that just puts a start on the winter season and makes me feel like the holidays have arrived.  This time of year is so special.  Picking out a Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and baking while listening to Christmas music.  It is truly the season of giving.  I just couldn’t imagine a Christmas without the white snow, especially in Montana!! This is a beautiful time of year to visit the state if you don’t already live here. 

Today we took our (almost) 5-month old and 2 and a half year old on my baby’s first hike in her Kelty backpack.  My toddler is in the Deuter Kids Pack.  She hiked in the Ergo all over Glacier National Park this summer, but now that she has good head control I thought the pack would be better.  She tends to get warm in the Ergo when strapped to me, and I wanted to try the new BabyGap snowsuit I had gotten for her.  I knew she would be too warm in the snowsuit in the Ergo (and probably squished since the snowsuit is so puffy). 

My baby loved her first time in the pack.  Thankfully, both of my children have just taken to being in a backpack from an early age.  She talked and cooed herself right to sleep.

Baby snowsuit:  @BabyGap  (This is the best baby snowsuit I have yet to find….it is down and warm, but she is able to move in it.)

My toddler’s clothes: Hat: @Turtle Fur; Coat: @ZaraBaby; Boots: Carter’s. 

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Trees covered in snow, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog 2014






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