May 22, 2017

Fun Facts about Bear Grass

Bear Grass at the top of Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana,, Montana Vacation Blog

Bear Grass is the beautiful “grass” that you see that stands tall with the white flower bloom on top.  It is not actually a grass, but rather part of the lily family.  It looks like a tall, thick piece of grass with a ball of flower at its height.

What I love most about the Bear Grass is its height.  Growing from to 4 to 6 feet tall, it stands out on any hillside.  It is found all over the western United States.

Bear Grass also makes for perfect photo opportunities!  The photos here were taken at the top of the Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana.  That is the beautiful Flathead Valley behind us in this photo:

Bear Grass at the top of Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana,, Montana Vacation BlogThe saddest thing about Bear Grass is that it blooms in 5 – 7 year cycles.  Sadly, we don’t get to see it every year.  When the fruit sets, it causes the plant to die.  You will see tall stocky plants at the end of summer, that will be shriveled at the top and no longer be the bright white color it once was.  This is Bear Grass that has died.  It will eventually reproduce by seed.

I often forget about it in years that it doesn’t bloom, but in a year that we are lucky enough to see it, I truly appreciate this flower.

This means it will be a few years before we see Bear Grass again!  But I am looking forward to it!   I hope your vacation to Montana falls on a Bear Grass year!

Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

Montana Vacation Blog

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