January 23, 2018

How To Keep Young Kids Entertained While Camping

Montana Vacation Blog's Explorer Kit for Kids to keep them entertained while camping, 2015

I get asked often how to keep kids entertained while camping. Well, older kids (perhaps over the age of 5) seem to entertain themselves quite easily. Especially if you have a few kids their ages, or siblings, and you bring a bike or two. Hours of fun. But what if your kids can’t even ride a bike yet? Here are some ideas I have to keep your kids entertained while camping:

1. Tent or hammock

A hammock will entertain a child for a long time. They are just so fun to swing on! Sometimes though, a hammock seems like too much hassle and then of course, you have to find two perfectly spaced trees upon which to place said hammock.

Kids love to play in tents, but if you are tent camping, you may not want them climbing all over your sleeping bags all day with dirty shoes. For our little girls, we like to bring a pop up tent. There are pop up tents that are nicer brands that are very fun. We also love just a simple fold out toddler tent that creates a small outdoor place space for fun.

2. An explorers kit

I highly recommend making your kids what I call an explorers set. My items in ours include a flashlight, plastic magnifying glass, bug holder kit, butterfly net, and kids binoculars. Magnifying glasses alone are hours of entertainment! Print this free treasure hunt and spend time with them finding things in the great outdoors. Your kids are sure to love it!

3. Beach set

If you plan on camping or being anywhere near a lake, a beach set is key. Head to a dollar store and stock up on buckets, shovels, rakes, squirt toys, balls, anything you can think of!

4. Glow sticks

Glow sticks are a great item to have around after dark. Again, this will entertain your kids for a long time! Make them into necklaces or bracelets or have them dance in the dark holding the sticks. So much fun! A great place to get these are the dollar store.

5. Spend time away from the campsite

We love the camping experience of the fire pit and roasting marshmallows and being in the outdoors. We also like to spend time away from our site by hiking, driving, boating, and exploring. Planning any kind of adventure so that your kids do not have time to be bored will definitely help!

6. Bring a dog

If you don’t have a dog, this may not work for you. I have found that walking our dogs around the campground and our campsite provides a lot of entertainment for our oldest.

7. Recreational toys

Bikes, kids 4wheelers, scooters, anything your child has that they can ride will provide them a way to scoot around the campground loops and give them something to do!

Montana Vacation Blog kids using a 4wheeler and bike while camping 2015

I hope this list helps you keep your children entertained while camping! I think the most important thing you can do for your children is get them outdoors! Plan ahead and bring a few things to entertain them, and remember that kids love rocks and sticks! (Just watch little ones around small rocks, of course!)

Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

Montana Vacation Blog


Doll party in the woods while camping

You never know when a doll may need to have a tea party in the woods!

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