January 22, 2018

ATV and Jeep Trails near Missoula, Montana

4×4 Routes of Western Montana: ATV and Jeep Trails is an 8 x 11 inch spiral bound book that has over forty routes with turn-by-turn directions, along with mileage and GPS coordinates that will guide you along the most interesting primitive motorized routes of western Montana while providing histories of early settlement and insights into the geology of the areas.

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If you like exploring mining areas, poking around old buildings, enjoy magnificent views, and visiting high elevation mountain lakes, then this is the book for you.  Join us as we travel on a variety of roads from easy enjoyable outings to roads that will challenge both your driving skills and your vehicles capabilities.

This book has compiled 226 pages of travel information that can be found no where else in one publication.  There are over 40 routes that range from a class 2 (with 5 being the worst) to some that have sections of class 4.  With some driving skill, most of these can be driven with a stock 4×4 vehicle, including ATVs.  There are some routes that we recommend that you do not run with a full size pickup or vehicle.

A Jeep Driving the Backroads of Western Montana, Montana Vacation BlogAlmost all the routes are based out of Missoula, MT, and can be done in a day.  Granted some would be a long day depending on how fast one drives and how much fishing or exploring takes place.  Fishing?  Yep, we direct you to over ten lakes.  Not only that, we include their elevation, depth, acres covered, and the type of fish you will catch.  Camping?  We’ll tell you some of the better camping sites and what services are available near by.

We hope you enjoy reading and using this book as much as we enjoyed exploring western Montana for the best routes to share with you.

The book has sold through http://www.montana4x4trails.com/ and Barnes & Noble to people in just about every state including places like Maine, Florida, California, and even  Hawaii. Over one third of book sales have been to people in states other than Montana.


About the Authors:

It all started when Willie bought his first Jeep, a 1943 military back in 1960 when he was 16 years old.  This escalated into modifying and building a variety of over 20 different exploration vehicles and 6 very successful off road racecars.    He married Jeanne in 1968 after a tour in Vietnam.  Not content to just build vehicles and explore the mountains and deserts of the West and Mexico they became a writing team when they wrote their first story about Death Valley’s Goler Wash.

After 40 years as a contributing editor to FOUR WHEELER Magazine with his Tech Line and Willie’s Workbench columns, another 1700 tech and travel articles in 9 other  publications, as well as updating and expanding the legendary Granville King’s “Jeep Bible”, they decided to try a new direction for their writing skills.

By using their 20 years of Montana’s backcountry exploration, knowledge and magazine writing skills, Willie and Jeanne have put together BACK ROADS PUBLICATIONS which in turn has published the first and the only guide book on 4×4 trails in Montana. They plan to expand their coverage of Montana with both a second and third book that will explore other areas within the state. These books provide and promote only legal and ecologically correct routes while providing scenic, historical and in some cases challenging trips.



Blue Ribbon Auto
Book Exchange
Cenex, N. Reserve
Deanos – The Travel Plazas, at  both N. Reserve & Airway Blvd.
Drivelines of Missoula
Fact and Fiction
J & K Customs
Muralts Travel Plaza    I-90 & 93 N
Murdochs (with their ATVs)
Rocky Mountain Map Gallery
U of M Book Store
Missoula Public Library

Out of area locations:

Distributed by Benjamin News Service during the summer months to numerous grocery stores, Wal-Mart, and Town Pump service centers.
Books & Books, Butte
Second Edition, Butte
Renegade Off Road, Bozeman
Books, Dillon
XTC Racing, Helena

Bucks 4×4, Boise, ID

www.rustysoffroad.com        Rainbow City, AL

Can order at any Barnes and Noble

For more information, the authors can be contacted at http://www.montana4x4trails.com.


{This post is provided courtesy of the authors, Willie and Jeanne Worthy.}


Alex’s Note: If you are looking for a guide to some backcountry roads near Missoula, Montana, to ride a 4wheeler or a Jeep, this would be a great resource to purchase for your trip! 


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