January 20, 2018

Les Mason State Park, Whitefish Lake, Whitefish, Montana

Les Mason State Park, Whitefish Lake, Whitefish, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the beautiful waters of Whitefish Lake besides City Beach, Les Mason State Park is exactly what you are after.

Just a short drive past the turn to Whitefish Mountain Resort, you will see a small sign to your left directing you where to turn to get to Les Mason State Park.

This is one of my favorite summer spots to enjoy Whitefish Lake in Whitefish, Montana.  There is a roped swimming area, with floating docks, and a nice shoreline to relax on.  There are picnic tables and shade, and the beach is in the sun during the warm afternoon and evening hours.  This makes it a wonderful place to watch the sunset as well.

Les Mason State Park, Whitefish Lake, Montana, Montana Vacation BlogAlthough this spot is becoming more popular than it used to be, it is a fantastic place to swim or bring a kayak and follow the shoreline.  This site is day use only, and there are bathrooms provided.  There is a fee required (free for Montana residents with Montana vehicle registration). 

It is just a short walk down from the parking area to the water.  The parking lot seems to be filling up in the afternoons, so I park outside of the gate if I absolutely have to.

Click here for directions, and here for fee information.

Les Mason State Park is a wonderful place to enjoy a day on the lake in Whitefish, Montana.  If you are looking for a nice beach closer to Whitefish, click here to read about Whitefish City Beach.


**TIP: The weather is nicest in July and August, so that is when the docks will be floating in the water.  The water tends to get high in the month of June due to the melting winter snow, and therefore the lake water will rise much higher than the remainder of the summer.  The crowds are gone by September, so this park will be empty that month, but still beautiful and a great time to swim and enjoy the beach to yourself.  Enjoy Les Mason State Park!**

INSIDER’S TIP from 2015: There is a loop to drive around when you enter that they want you to drive around to get to the parking lot. It is easy to skip the loop and drive straight because you can see the parking lot straight ahead. I personally wish they would do away with the loop, because the road is wide enough and you can see well enough to go straight. However, the loop still exists, and they frown upon going straight and skipping the mandated loop– they will collect your vehicle information if you choose to go straight. So, just use the loop!

Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

Montana Vacation Blog


Les Mason State Park, Whitefish, Montana, Whitefish Lake, Montana Vacation Blog

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