January 23, 2018

Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in working with Montana Vacation Blog, and A & M Expeditions, LLC.

Established in 2012, Montana Vacation Blog has received a phenomenal response from readers at an early stage.

The tourism industry is evolving, and in this Internet age of Google and smart phones, your Internet presence is critical.  We can help you reach your audience by featuring you on Montana Vacation Blog in a variety of platforms.

Montana tourism is increasing each year.  In 2012, over 10 million people visited the state of Montana, spending over 3.2 billion dollars within the state.

You can read Montana’s Tourism and Recreation Industry Fast Facts, provided by the Montana Department of Commerce – Montana Department of Tourism, by clicking here.

We offer a range of advertising and sponsorship arrangements to assist your company in reaching audiences interested in the tourism industry; particularly Montana, and surrounding areas.  Our readers are interested in travel reviews, travel products, and specific information on where to stay, where to eat, and what to do while visiting the beautiful state of Montana.

We specialize in offering authentic and honest reviews to provide our readers with an insider’s guide to the state.  Montana Vacation Blog readers are engaged in the travels undertaken by Alex.

Alex Neill in Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog

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