January 22, 2018

Moose's Saloon, Kalispell, Montana

Moose’s Saloon is located in downtown Kalispell, Montana, at the corner of Main Street and Idaho.  From the outside, you would barely even notice the old-fashioned saloon, but it is worth the stop for a local’s favorite.

Look for the SALOON sign hanging from the side of a wood building, and you will have found your spot.  Drive around back to find parking.

While Moose’s has a selection of delicious sandwiches, it is mostly known for its pizza. Everyone I know loves Moose’s pizza, and I am no exception.  Head on up to the food counter by the bar to order your food, and they will bring your hot, cheesy pizza to your table.  Lots of cheese, toppings, thin crust, and not too much sauce makes these pizzas amazing!

Don’t be afraid to try the sauerkraut pizza!! It is sweet and tasty!

This saloon has unusual, charming features.  For one, you can write on the walls.  And when I say “write,” I mean, you can carve into the walls.  There are decades of carving into the wooden walls and booths, making it difficult to find a spot to squeeze in your name without having to carve over plenty of initials that came before yours.  As a kid, I carved my initials into the walls many times — never to be seen again.

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Second, the floor is covered in sawdust.  Why is this great?  This is fun because they let you throw your peanut shells on the floor, and they clean them up for you!  (Be sure to get peanuts from the bar.)  Something about being able to just toss your shells over your shoulder makes peanuts that much more fun to eat.

Third, there is of course the moose head hanging from the wall up front.  While this may not suit everyone’s fancy, kids (particularly mine) love the moose, as well as the bison head hanging next to it.  Legend has it that the moose likes to talk to children.

They have a wide selection of draft beers, and you can order pop (soda) for your kids here also. This is one of the greatest things about this place — it is family friendly, so kids are welcome (and you will see lots of them here!).  The fact that your kids can throw their peanuts on the ground will make it that much more fun for them.  But then there is the bar area where you will find mostly gentleman crowded around after a long work day.

We enjoyed peanuts and pizza here a lot when I was a kid.  One of my memories was the time my brother filled a peanut shell with red peppers and threw it at me — unfortunately filling my eye with burning peppers!  Ah, brothers.

Moose’s can get packed around dinner time, so I recommend going just before the dinner rush to be sure you get a spot to sit and enjoy your meal.

Don’t let the dim lighting inside deter you — Moose’s is a Kalispell legend that has stood the test of time, and a mandatory stop on your Kalispell journey!

Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

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