January 23, 2018

My Review of the Deuter Kid Comfort 3: The Kid Carrier Backpack You Need!

Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

If you are bringing a small child on your trip to Montana, (or anywhere you plan on doing a lot of walking/hiking), I highly recommend buying the Deuter Kid Comfort III Kid Carrier backpack.

Living in Montana, we have not found much of a need for a stroller.  At least, not since my first child turned six months of age.  We originally had purchased a Kelty kids backpack on sale and started out with that pack.  We then realized we needed more features and more comfort, so we upgraded our pack to the Deuter backpack.

We have had this backpack for several months now, and we not only use it on a daily basis to take our dogs on walks, but we also have taken our child all over Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks in this pack.

The pack will cost you anywhere between $220-$299, but the price is well worth it.

This is my favorite purchase I have made for my kids.

Deuter Kids Carrier Backpack

The following is my list of pros and cons to help you decide if this is the right pack for you:


1.  The storage space available.

The top side mesh pockets are a great spot to store your sippy cups or sunscreen for easy access while hiking.

The large lower pocket has a lot of space for bottles, diapers, extra clothing, etc.  We can even fit a small cooler we carry lunch in into the bottom pocket. 

There is a top middle zipper pocket that can hold items, and an open-air pocket where we shove coats or anything we might want to pull out quickly while hiking.

Deuter even gives you a small bear that fits into the top mesh pockets to give your child.  Cute touch. 😉

2.  A rain hood that unzips when you need it. 

I have found a rain hood to be a necessity in Montana.  One minute it will be sunny, and the next it will hail or a thunderstorm will appear out of nowhere.  Yes, in the middle of summer.  This happens.  (Always check the forecast before hiking — you don’t want to get caught in a lightning storm if you can help it!) 

Their rain hood also acts as a shade from the bright sun.  I love that it unzips and then zips right back into the headrest if you no longer need it, so you don’t have to carry an extra shade with you.

3.  The five-point harness and adjustable seat.

The five-point harness (similar to a car seat) keeps your child securely in place.  Thankfully, I haven’t had any tumbles while carrying my child, but I feel secure with the harness system and high back that helps protect their head.

The adjustable seat allows you to raise smaller children up higher, which is great when you are hiking with younger kids.

4.  Lifetime manufacturer warranty.

5.  Hydration compartment.

This backpack has the spot behind your back where your hydration pack can slide in so you can drink while you hike.  This is great because it doesn’t get in your child’s way, you won’t notice it, and gives you easy access while you are hiking so you don’t have to stop and set down little ones.

6.  Varifit adjustment system.

This adjustment system allows you to adjust the height of the pack so that it is comfortable for each adult that carries the child.

The padded hip-belt makes it comfortable to have the added weight on your hips as you hike.

I also use the hip-belt to slide a can of bear spray on to carry while hiking for quick access.

7.  The comfort it provides your child.

My toddler has gone up to 10 miles in one day in this backpack, and has rarely complained.

The company boasts that the pack has a detachable and washable “dribble pillow.”  I have never thought of it as a “dribble” pillow, but more of a pillow.  It is incredibly cozy for your child to be able to lay their head to the side and sleep while you hike.  Having your child be comfortable while they sleep is key to long hikes.  All kids need to be able to get their nap in, and this built-in pillow is a lifesaver.  Other packs I have seen have a hard back right behind the adult head, so kids are often laying their head in uncomfortable positions to try to get a nap in.  I love this feature of the pack.

There are cushioned, adjustable shoulder straps and the child seat is padded, allowing them to be comfortable for longer periods of time while sitting in the pack.  There is also a padded head rest behind their head.

I love the side entry buckles, so you can slide your child in from the side.  Kids that are big enough could probably get into the pack on their own.  It is nice to not have to lift children up over the straps into the pack.

8.  Aluminum frame with fold-out stand.

The fold-out stand is handy because it allows you to fold it in while you are hiking, but then just reach back and pop it out when you need to set the backpack down to safely take your child out.

9.  The mirror.

The pack comes with a small mirror that slides into a pouch on the padded hip-belt .  Technically, you could carry any mirror, but it is a nice feature to have with the backpack.  Take the mirror out and check your child as you hike.  This gives me peace of mind, especially with very small children.

10.  Reflective fabric.

I don’t find this necessary when you are hiking trails in Montana, but it is a nice feature to have just in case.



I honestly don’t have a lot of “cons” to say about this backpack.  The one thing I will say is that the pack does become quite heavy once you add a child and supplies to it.  The actual backpack weight appears to be somewhere between 6-8 pounds, depending on what website you ask.  I don’t really know how the company could make the carrier weigh less without losing some of its features. 

The farthest that I have carried my child by myself is six miles, so it helps having someone with you to trade-off carrying you child with.  (A strong husband comes in handy!) 🙂


This backpack will carry your child beginning at six months of age, until they are 48.5 pounds.  Therefore, it depends on how fast your child grows as to how long you will be able to use it.  So far, my toddler has been slow to gain weight, so I plan on getting a lot more use out of this pack.  Plus, we will use this pack for our next baby.

Even if you don’t buy the Deuter, consider the features of the pack you are purchasing — is it comfortable for your child?  Is it comfortable for you?  Is there enough storage space?

I cannot recommend bringing a backpack to carry your child in enough on your trip to Montana!!


Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

Montana Vacation Blog



*Please note that Deuter did NOT provide this backpack to us for free to try.  We purchased this pack, and this is my honest review of their product. The link to purchase is an affiliate link, and I will make money if you buy it through my link. Thank you for helping support me and this website!! *

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