December 17, 2017

#optoutsideglacier Instameet, Lake McDonald, Black Friday 2015

Alex Neill sitting on a log at Lake McDonald near Apgar, Montana Vacation Blog 2015

Each year, Black Friday rolls around and we may spend time buying more things that we probably don’t need because they are on sale.

This year, we decided to save money on Black Friday by not spending money on Black Friday and choosing instead to #optoutside with @rei. REI has challenged everyone this year to go outside instead of spending the day after Thanksgiving in stores spending money. We happen to spend quite a bit of time outside, so being outside was easy for us, and I was happy to do this instead of spending money on stuff we definitely don’t need!

So we figured we would invite a few people to join us. We invited Instagram users and Facebook followers to join us at Lake McDonald on Black Friday to spend some time outdoors, getting to know some new people. The weather has been particularly cold this week, so we were happy that a few people were brave enough to get out in the cold and stick it out with us. A huge thank you to everyone who came out! Hopefully we can have another Instameet soon.

An “Instameet” to me is a gathering of people with similar outdoor and photography interests who meet up somewhere to meet each other, and perhaps leave with new friends and new Instagram followers. I LOVE Instameets! I love finding new friends with common interests.

Here are a few photos from this Instameet:

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park at sunset, Montana Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park at sunset, Montana IMG_9294 Lake McDonald Instameet, Black Friday, November 27, 2015 IMG_9259 IMG_9261 IMG_9263 IMG_9264 IMG_9277 IMG_9278 IMG_9279 IMG_9281 IMG_9283 IMG_9289 IMG_9294 IMG_9306 IMG_9307 IMG_9314


See you all next time!

Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

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