SUP and Jimmy Styks Inflatable Paddleboard Review

Paddleboarding on the Jimmy Styks Inflatable Paddleboard, in northwest Montana, May 2015, Montana Vacation Blog

After a few years now of seeing everyone with a paddleboard, we decided to buy an inflatable board to try it out. I absolutely love it!! This is also a great sport if you have pets, because your dogs can ride along with you! I have just now finally gotten the nerve to get on... Read More

Whitefish, Montana

Downtown Whitefish, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog 2014

Whitefish, Montana.  A small town that was unknown when I was growing up in the area.  A town that has now exploded in popularity: thanks to shows like the Bachelor, and publications like National Geographic, Whitefish is now on the map. This tiny ski town has so much to offer its residents and ...

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Things to do in Butte, Montana

FOR INFORMATION ON THINGS TO DO IN BUTTE, MONTANA, VISIT: Butte is known as the “Richest Hill on Earth,” for its production of silver, gold, and particularly copper.  As you come into Butte, you will see the hills that have endured years of mining ...

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