Where to find a Camel and a Zebra in northwest Montana

Camel in Columbia Falls, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

If you are looking for a fun outing in the Flathead Valley, there is a ranch that keeps a camel, a zebra, and bison alongside a few horses in Columbia Falls, Montana. Driving by you will most likely do a double take, trying to decide if you are actually seeing a zebra and a camel... Read More

Bison Carcass Draws Animals in Yellowstone National Park, September 2013

I have said many times, Yellowstone National Park is an amazing place to see animals, and animals “living” in the wild.  By “living,” I mean, that you will likely see some kind of scene that looks like it is right out of National Geographic.  Bison carcasses will draw ...

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The animals on one beautiful summer drive in Montana

I can say over and over what a special place Montana is, but you just won’t know until you get here.  You have to breathe in the fresh air, feel the emptiness, jump in a crystal clear lake, and hike its mountains to know what I am talking about.  You visit once, and you will... Read More