Our Lady of the Rockies, The Statue On the Mountains Overlooking Butte, Montana

Our Lady of the Rockies, Statue overlooking Butte, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog

“Our Lady of the Rockies”, a 90 ft. statue, sitting atop the Continental Divide overlooking Butte, Montana, is the result of a dream and six years of work.  Countless volunteers completed a seemingly impossible task, on Dec. 20, 1985.  The base is 3,500 ft. above the city and 8,510 ft. above ...

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Poisonberry Jewelry: Adorable Montana Love Necklaces

Poisonberry Jewelry, Big Sky Love, Montana heart necklaces

One of my favorite items to buy in Montana are the adorable heart necklaces made by Poisonberry Jewelry.  The “Big Sky Love” Series is a tribute to the love so many of us feel for Montana.  And it just so happens that this series comes in adorable, multi-colored designs that anyone ...

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Headframe Spirits, Butte, Montana

Headframe Spirits, Butte, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

Headframe Spirits is a Montana distillery and tasting room in the heart of Butte that pays tribute to Butte’s mining heritage. A headframe is the structural frame above an underground mine shaft.  Headframes have cultural significance in Butte — with Butte’s mining history, ...

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Things to do in Montana

Not sure if Montana is worth a visit?  Wondering what there is to do in Montana? Born and raised in Montana, I truly believe this state is a special place that will provide you with the unique vacation you are looking for.  What I love is that most of the things it has to offer... Read More

Things to do in Butte, Montana

FOR INFORMATION ON THINGS TO DO IN BUTTE, MONTANA, VISIT: http://www.buttecvb.com/ Butte is known as the “Richest Hill on Earth,” for its production of silver, gold, and particularly copper.  As you come into Butte, you will see the hills that have endured years of mining ...

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