January 22, 2018

The Calgary Herald thinks that Whitefish, Montana, is worth a visit for Canadians

According to the Calgary Herald, Whitefish, Montana is a “hip mountain town where everyone can kick back.” 

(Did you know that I am from here??  Or rather, just south, in Kalispell, but I consider the entire valley to be pretty much the same.)

Montana has really become popular for Canadians lately, as noticed by my new Canadian neighbors.  It is just a quick trip over the border for people from Alberta and British Columbia, and in my opinion, (and apparently the Calgary Herald’s), it is well worth the trip. 

View the fully story here: http://www.calgaryherald.com/life/just+skiers+anymore+Whitefish+Montana+mountain+town+where/8293698/story.html

Whitefish, Montana, has something to offer everyone!! Even if you just want to sit and relax by a beautiful mountain lake.  I hope to see you here this summer, and I hope you enjoy this rave review.

Warmest Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex Neill

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