January 21, 2018

The Lodge at McGregor Lake Resort: A great spot in northwest Montana on the lake

McGregor Lake Resort is located just over 30 miles west of Kalispell, Montana on Highway 2 West.  McGregor Lake Resort has a few cabins and hotel rooms available for rent, for only $59.99 a night!   There is also an RV park across the highway, with television and Internet available.

I don’t know many places in Montana where you can get a room for that inexpensive a night, that is next to a lake. They are few and far between for that price!

The resort is a great option for anyone who does not want to camp, but wants to stay close to the lake.  (For not a lot of money!)

McGregor Lake, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog

A cabin at the Lake McGregor Resort, Montana

A cabin at the Lake McGregor Resort, Montana

The walk down to the dock at McGregor Lake Resort, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

The walk down to the dock at McGregor Lake Resort, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

McGregor Lake, Montana

The resort has 80 feet of its own lake frontage, with its own private dock. The dock is sun facing all day, so you can lay out from dusk ‘til dawn.

Alex Neill on the dock at McGregor Lake Resort, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog

Neill family enjoying the view from the dock at the Lake McGregor Resort in Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

The resort is very quaint, it has an outdoor, simple, Montana feel to it.  The food at the lodge is inexpensive and delicious.  They offer a fish fry on Friday nights, and Prime Rib on Saturday nights. They have a full bar open late, also.  Anytime I am headed west, I stop there to grab breakfast.

Another wonderful thing I must say is that the owners are incredibly nice.  Strike up a conversation with either of them, and they will help you with anything they can.

This is a great place to stay if you are visiting Montana Academy or if you plan to skydive Lost Prairie.

While there is nowhere at the Resort to rent watercraft, you can bring it out with you, and there are a couple of places to launch your watercraft.  Just keep heading west on Highway 2, and there are two separate places where you can put your boat in.  There are many places to rent in Kalispell to take a boat out with you.

McGregor Lake is one of my favorite lakes in Montana, it is a good size, it does not get too crowded, and it is very deep.  I often wonder whether some people know that it exists.  The water is clear and beautiful by the shore, but because it is deep, you can’t see under the water very far from shore.  There is camping available at the far end if you continue past the resort.

Neill family at the McGregor Lake Campground, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog

Neill family at the McGregor Lake Campground, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog

Neill dog swimming in McGregor Lake, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

I have many great memories of this lake, growing up and visiting as a child. 

I earned my open water scuba diving certification at McGregor Lake.  Apparently it is also a great lake for trout fishing.

INSIDER’S TIP: McGregor lake is full of crayfish (or “crawdads,” as I call them). The crayfish like to swim around and under the rocks along the shore. If you go off the dock at night and shine a flashlight into the water, you will see them swimming around. They swim backwards so if you want to catch them in a net, put the net behind them, and they will swim into it.  You can cook them by boiling them in a pot. They taste good.  As far as I know, there are no regulations on catching them, but always check first with the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

Have a great time visiting McGregor Lake in northwest Montana!!!

Warmest Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex Neill

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