January 20, 2018

Things to do in Lakeside, Montana

View from Lakeside Volunteer Park, Lakeside, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

Lakeside is an adorable town along the west shores of Flathead Lake in northwest Montana.  If you are driving through to get to the Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park, here are some things for you to do along your way:

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1.  Enjoy Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park is located just off of Highway 93 at the end of Adams Street on Flathead Lake.  I love this place because there are docks for swimming, restrooms, and there is 1.5 acres of grass with pavilions to eat lunch.  This is a great place to stop to enjoy Flathead Lake.  Keep in mind it is day use only.

Tamarack Brewing Company, Lakeside, Montana

2.  Stop for a brew at the Tamarack Brewing Company

The Tamarack Brewing Company is a relatively new brewery located on the creek in Lakeside.  Not only do they have a selection of beer to try, they also serve lunch and dinner daily, and have a nice patio overlooking the creek.  This place is definitely a favorite of locals.  They also have fun nightly events such as Monday kids eating free and Tuesday is trivia night.  There is no view of Flathead Lake, but the creek makes up for that.

3.  Eat at the Docks Restaurant located in the Lakeside Marina

You will see a sign along the lake for “The Docks.”  It doesn’t look exciting when looking from the road, but just inside you will find one of my favorite places to eat on Flathead Lake.  Not only is the food good, but their large patio overlooks the marina and the crystal blue waters of Flathead Lake.  You cannot go wrong stopping here for a drink and a walk out on the docks.  Open for lunch and dinner.

4.  Ski at Blacktail Mountain Resort

In the winter, Blacktail Mountain Resort is a great, inexpensive place to ski or snowboard.  Blacktail is a family friendly resort that is great for the less-experienced skier.  Turn west at Blacktail Grocery and the road will take you up 14 miles to the top.  (This road can be scary in the winter.  Drive carefully.)

Lucky the cop in Lakeside, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

5.  Watch for “Lucky” the Cop

IMG_6643Lucky the cop is best known by the locals as the mannequin cop meant to slow down traffic.  Anyone who isn’t familiar with Lucky, of course, will hopefully slow down when they see him parked at various locations around Lakeside (and nearby Somers). 


The small size of Lakeside may cause you to drive right through without stopping.  Lakeside is a beautiful town with plenty to enjoy in Montana.

Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

Montana Vacation Blog


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