January 23, 2018

Where to find a Camel and a Zebra in northwest Montana

Camel in Columbia Falls, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog

If you are looking for a fun outing in the Flathead Valley, there is a ranch that keeps a camel, a zebra, and bison alongside a few horses in Columbia Falls, Montana.

Driving by you will most likely do a double take, trying to decide if you are actually seeing a zebra and a camel in the middle of the snow in Montana.  Yes.  Yes, you are.  This ranch keeps the animals in the pasture near the road, and the animals like to stay near the road. 

I always thought that camels only live in hot climates, but I recently found out that camels do well in temperatures ranging from 20 degrees F to 120 degrees F.

This ranch is found on Hodgson Road, between Highway 2 and Whitefish Stage.  It is very close to Whitefish Stage, and you will recognize the white fencing on the north side of the road.  My child always enjoys driving by these animals that we don’t get to see every day living in Montana!  These animals also have one of the best views in the Flathead Valley on a clear day.  If you are out for a drive, be sure to go by and see the beautiful camels, zebra, and bison!  Horses are always a big hit, too!

Camel in Columbia Falls, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog Camel in Columbia Falls, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog


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