January 20, 2018

Why You Should Visit Missoula, Montana

Missoula, Montana view from above, Montana Vacation Blog 2015

I don’t know if people hear about the Missoula news nationwide, but Missoula seems to be making headlines lately… and not for the best of reasons! Missoula is a gorgeous town, with plenty to do for the entire family! Even if you are just passing through, be sure to stop to get a better feel for this town.

Tamarack Brewing Company, Missoula, Montana, Montana Vacation Blog 2015

1. Beer.

Although I don’t personally drink beer, I think the majority of you will agree that any place that has several choices of breweries is a winner.  From the large Big Sky Brewing Company, to Draught Works and Kettle House, as well as Tamarack Brewing Company; Missoula has choices and tasting rooms for everyone to enjoy!

2. The People.

The People in Missoula are so nice! I can also say that I recently left the keys to my truck sitting on the back of said truck for 5 hours… in a parking lot full of people … and no one stole any of it! This made me extremely happy….cheers to the people of Missoula!

Missoula, Montana near the Clark Fork River, Montana Vacation Blog 2015

3. The Outdoors.

Missoula has something for anyone who loves to be outside. Bike paths travel right through downtown, with rivers in and around Missoula that are full of fish for those eager to get into the water. Snowbowl Ski Area and Lost Trail Ski Area are just short drives from here. There are plenty of hiking opportunities all around the city! Then they are lucky to have places like Garnet Ghost Town not far away!

4. University of Montana.

The University of Montana is found in the heart of Missoula, and any college town brings a sense of diversity and vibrant culture to a small town. The university also provides the opportunity to see larger concerts or football games in the fall.

5. Caras Park

I love the entire Caras Park area for children!  Located right on the Clark Fork River, this is a great place to have a picnic, ride the Carousel, play in the Dragon Hollow Park, or visit the Children’s Museum! Read more about Caras Park activities here.

Missoula is so easy to get to, as it conveniently has the I-90 freeway running right through the downtown area.  Be sure to swing into Missoula and check out more of what it has to offer next time you are around!

Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

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