November 23, 2017

Why You Should Visit Montana in the Fall

Fall in the Flathead Valley, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog,

It seems like Montana visitors either visit our beautiful state mostly in the summer, or in the winter.  While both summer and winter are great times to visit, they are also crowded and expensive!  I believe that fall is a great time to plan your Montana vacation.  There are many reasons to visit Montana in the fall:

1.  Hotel Deals

You can save a large sum of money on your hotels by visiting between October and the beginning of December (right before ski season begins).  Not only do nightly rentals decrease, but a lot of hotels (and ski resorts) offer a deal of “Stay two nights, get the third night free.”

Hotel prices are much more expensive during the warm summer months, and you can count on paying more during the winter- especially during any holiday!  Save yourself money by visiting when no one else does!  Then you can stay longer!

Sweet Pickins Pumpkin Patch, Kalispell, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog,  The Fall Foliage

While the northeast United States gets its fame for its fall foliage, Montana rivals it with its stunning colors and changing leaves.  (And yes, I have seen both places in the fall!)  At the end of September, there just comes a day when you look up and all of a sudden the leaves are yellow and orange.  The colors change slowly over the course of a few months, until the first snow falls.  You won’t be disappointed with the beautiful colors during your fall visit!

3.  Avoid the Crowds

Thanks to everyone choosing summer and winter to visit Montana, you will avoid the large crowds by visiting in the fall.  No waiting in line at every restaurant, no waiting in lines for activities; you will have the place to yourselves!  And who doesn’t want Montana all to themselves??

4.  Montana is Open!

While you may think that there is little to do in Montana in the fall, that could not be further from the truth!  Most “activities” run through at least the end of September, and even after that, national parks, hikes, and roads stay open until the snow forces them to close!  So get here, enjoy a delicious meal, go for a hike, see the national parks … do it all!

If you watched “Sean’s” season of the Bachelor, you will have seen Montana featured in the fall … is there any better place to be?!

Flathead Valley, Kalispell, Montana, Copyright Montana Vacation Blog, you will save money, have the place to yourself, enjoy the beauty, and still be able to do a lot of the same activities…. sounds like fall in Montana is the perfect place to be!! I hope to see you in the fall in Montana!! 

Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

Montana Vacation Blog

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