January 23, 2018

Wild Horse Island, Flathead Lake, Montana

Wild Horse Island on Flathead Lake as seen from the air, Montana Vacation Blog

Wild Horse Island is the largest island on Flathead Lake in northwest Montana.  This 2,000 acre state park is day-use only, and is only accessible by boat.  Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River, measuring approximately 30 miles long and 16 miles wide.

The Salish-Kootenai Indians reportedly kept their horses on this island to prevent them from being stolen by other tribes. 

The coolest thing about the island is that there are still wild horses living there.  You might also see bighorn sheep, deer, and bald eagles. 

Note that if you want to fish on Wild Horse Island, you do have to have a joint state/ tribal fishing license, because the island is on the Flathead Indian Reservation. 

There is also private property on Wild Horse Island, so be sure not to use private docks. 

Wild horse Island is a beautiful, unique place that is worth visiting in Montana if you have access to a boat!


{The featured image here is of Wild Horse Island from my uncle’s airplane.  Photo Credit:  Brian Carroll.}

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