January 21, 2018

Yesterday's Soda Fountain and Ennis Pharmacy, Ennis, Montana

Yesterday’s Soda Fountain and Ennis Pharmacy is a cute diner attached to a pharmacy in Ennis, Montana.  This is the place to stop for breakfast or lunch, and a milkshake!!

Yesterday’s Soda Fountain is on the Main Street right in Ennis, the ideal stop on your way to Yellowstone National Park.  

Yesterday's Soda Fountain, Ennis, MontanaAfter wandering the Main Street in Ennis, we found this adorable diner by chance, and were drawn by the soda fountain sign.  Who doesn’t want a milkshake in the middle of summer?

You enter Yesterday’s Soda Fountain by way of the pharmacy — which has various gift items and things for sale.  The pharmacy makes the diner somewhat hidden, but don’t let that deter you.  This place has delicious food!!  Having the attached pharmacy also makes it nice to shop while you wait for your food.

I think this is the local’s place — and you know it will be good when everyone in the joint knows each other!  You can count on the place being packed, but I attribute that to the great food and fast service.  I don’t think they have a website — which means they are good enough to count on local’s business.  

They have a menu with various inexpensive items, with the highlight being the soda fountain of course!  Be sure to grab a milkshake or ice cream after your meal (even if it is breakfast).

Make a stop for the old-time feel, the food, service, and to take note of the little socks on the base of all of the chairs.

TIP:  Some of the breakfast items offer a $1 upgrade to Indian Fry Bread with cinnamon and sugar and honey butter — DO IT!! Yum.  You will not regret it.  You can get plain old toast anywhere, be sure to try to the Fry Bread while you can.  

Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country,

Alex M. Neill

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Yesterday's Soda Fountain, Ennis, Montana

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