January 23, 2018

Your Montana Holiday Shopping Gift Guide 2014 from Montana Vacation Blog

The Third Wheel Montana sign

Looking for Montana-inspired Christmas gifts this year??  Have you been wanting the state of Montana on a t-shirt, a necklace, or a picture frame?!  The love for Montana is everywhere, and the amount of Montana products is at an all-time high.  This makes your shopping easy this year, for Christmas, or any other event you need a gift for!!  Here is my Montana Christmas Holiday Shopping Gift Guide for 2014 (in no particular order):

Poisonberry Jewelry, Montana Big Sky Love series, Montana jewelry

Poisonberry Jewelry









1.  Poisonberry Jewelry

If you are looking for Montana-inspired jewelry, check out her “Big Sky Love” series for sale.  She even has necklaces for younger girls, and plenty of other jewelry that doesn’t have the state of Montana included.  You will love the uniqueness and femininity to her products.  Buy it here:  http://poisonberryjewelry.com/big-sky-love-series/

Old Blue Designs Montana Frame

Old Blue Designs









2.  Old Blue Designs

Old Blue Designs is a new company out of Bigfork that has a variety of handmade Montana-inspired items for sale.  For beautiful Montana key chains, picture frames, ornaments and wall hangings, this is your place.  These items can be purchased at http://www.shopoldbluedesigns.com/.

3.  MT Photo Journal

This Montana shop documents life under the Big Sky, and then sells the photographs.  She has beautiful MT photo necklaces.  This is a wonderful place to get wood photo blocks with your favorite quotes placed on them!  Find her on Etsy.

4.  Dig This Chick

Dig this Chick” is out of Missoula, Montana, and she makes a variety of Montana products right out of her home.  T-shirts, baby blankets, hoodies, hats, you name it!  She can also make any “place,” not just Montana!   Shop it here: http://www.shopgeo.net/.

Montana Chick

Montana Chick

5.  Montana Chick by Montana Vacation Blog

Ok, this is my product!  But I have to include it.  For the “Montana Chick” in your life, these tank tops and shirts are great for everyday wear or for working out.  I literally wear these several times a week.  I am in love with the bright colors and girly feel to them.

You can buy these by emailing me at info@montanavacationblog.com, or messaging me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/montanavacationblog), or by checking them out under “My Store” on http://montanavacationblog.com/.


6.  Montana Shirt Co.

The Montana Shirt Co. sells shirts that really boast your “LOVE” for the state of Montana.  These shirts have become very popular, and you will see them throughout the state in baby to adult sizes!  Shop at: http://www.montanashirtco.com/.

7. emeHandmade

emeHandmade is a cute line developed in Helena, Montana.  She has adorable pouch purses with the state of Montana sewn on for only $20 (and a wide selection for different prices).  Her Etsy store is: https://www.etsy.com/people/emeHANDMADE, but it is currently on a break.  You can contact her on Instagram: @emehandmade, and she can PayPal you.  Her Instagram feed shows a lot of what she can currently sell you!

8.  Just Sayin’ by Julianne

Julianne is located in Missoula, Montana, and specializes in signs.  If you are looking for a handpainted sign with the state of Montana on it, Just Sayin’ is your place.  She can customize your order — a great way to have your last name painted on!  You can shop the Just Sayin’ website here, or find her on Facebook.

The Third Wheel Montana sign

The Third Wheel

9.  The Third Wheel

The Third Wheel is an adorable shop where you can find all kinds of lovely gifts for the home.  They also have custom Montana signs that you can order by calling Joni Stoll at 253-279-9138, or find her on Facebook.  Her Facebook photos will give you lots of ideas of what she has available, and you can contact her for your custom orders.


10.  Iron Bark Pallet Art

Iron Bark Pallet Art makes Montana signs out of old pallets in Billings, Montana.  These are hand painted and provide an original look to place in your home!  You can find them on Etsy, but their shop is currently on a holiday break, so head on over to the Montana Shop website to find their stuff!


These products aren’t even beginning to touch all of the wonderful food that you can order as gifts!  Order honey from the Glacier County Honey Company, or have a huckleberry pie (baked!) delivered to your doorstep thanks to the Huckleberry Patch in Hungry Horse, Montana! (I also love to order their huckleberry pie filling and bake the pies myself.)

Some retailers that sell a great selection of Montana-inspired items are the Montana Bear Food in Bigfork, and the Montana Shop in Missoula.  The Montana Shop now makes gorgeous sterling silver “Montana” necklaces that you can find here.  Many local shops have a selection of Montana items to choose from! 

Shopping from these local places will help support small Montana businesses, and add some adorable Montana pride to your life!  Have a Montana-inspired Christmas or gift idea, or would you like to share your shop??  Please share in the comments to help everyone find the Montana gift they have been looking for!


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