January 22, 2018

Your Restaurant Guide to Big Sky Resort, Montana

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Are you wondering where to eat in Big Sky, Montana?  Big Sky Resort has a small selection of choices for food and dining during your stay.  Here is your restaurant guide to eating at Big Sky.

There are actually two areas to Big Sky: the “Mountain Village” at the actual resort, and then the town of Big Sky about 15 minutes down the mountain.  Each has its own selection of places to eat.  Here I am discussing the Mountain Village — the places to eat while you are on the mountain.

The Big Sky Resort Mountain Village consists of several buildings: the Summit Hotel, the Mountain Mall, the Snowcrest Lodge, the Village Center, and the Huntley Lodge. Then there is the Moonlight Lodge a mile down the road (this was previously part of the Moonlight Ski Area, but is now officially part of Big Sky Resort). I have divided up where to eat by which building they are located in.


1.  The Huntley Lodge

The Huntley is the first building you will approach as you get to the base of Big Sky, on your right hand side.

Chet's Bar and Grille and Fondue, Big Sky, MontanaIn the back of the lodge past the lobby you will find Chet’s Bar and Grill, serving breakfast, dinner, and cocktails until closing. They have now divided off part of this restaurant into the Fondue Stube: offering chocolate and cheese fondues.  I highly recommend a reservation for the fondue — this has become a popular option!

Chet’s is by far the most family-friendly place to eat in my opinion.  (This has also become my favorite place to eat.) The dining area overlooks the Huntley Lodge pool, and is more casual than other places in Big Sky, with a kids menu available.  They also have a separate bar area for those looking to grab a drink.  The waitstaff is extremely friendly, and they sometimes have music playing.


2. The Mountain Mall

If you are driving into Big Sky, just past the Huntley Lodge you will find the Mountain Mall.  There is short-term or pay parking available out front.

a. Hungry Moose Market and Deli:  This is a great place to grab a quick sandwich or groceries you may need if you are staying at Big Sky.  This would be a place to grab food to take to-go.

Big Sky, Montana, Restaurantb. Cafeteria: Upstairs in the mall you will find the mountain’s cafeteria area.  Offering delicious breakfast sandwiches, huge cinnamon rolls, and a large selection for lunch, this is a great place to stop in your ski gear to eat while hitting the slopes.

c. Whiskey Jack’s:  On the first floor of the mall you will find this bar and dining area that serves lunch and dinner every day.  They also offer music every day.  Sometimes it will be closed to families because everyone will have to be over 21 to enter during certain musical performances.  It is a great, casual place to grab a cocktail or indulge in their southwestern menu.

d.  Mountain Mall Mocha:  This small coffee bar is a great place to grab an early morning coffee or espresso and baked goods.


3. Village Center

Behind the Mountain Mall, you will find the “Village Center” — located right at the base of the ski slope.

a.  Andiamo Italian Grille: Stop by this nice Italian restaurant during the winter for lunch on the weekends, and après and dinner served every day of the week.  I would recommend a reservation to eat here.

b.  Pizzaworks: Pizzaworks is based out of the Andiamo Italian Grille.  You can find some of their slices at the Mountain Mall Mocha during the day, or you can order whole pizzas for delivery within the village in the evenings.


4. The Summit

The Summit Lodge is a popular hotel just past the Mountain Mall.

a.  Carabiner: This restaurant serves lunch, dinner, and a full bar.  When I visited in the summer of 2012 it was more of a restaurant, but when I visited in January of 2014, I found it be more of a lounge.  They have a deck you can enjoy during the summer.

b.  Peaks:  Peaks is a fancier place to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine with a great view.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but be sure to check their hours because they are not open all day.


5.  Snowcrest Lodge

The Snowcrest is on the mountain side behind the Mountain Mall.  Here you will find Yeti Dogs: offering gourmet hot dogs, ice cream, and inexpensive beer.  I have not tried their hot dogs, so I can’t tell you whether they are good or not.


6.  Moonlight Lodge (1 mile away)

Just a mile down the road from the Big Sky Mountain Village, you will find the Moonlight Lodge. 

Moonlight Lodge, Big Sky, Montanaa.  North Slope Deli:  Order a sandwich to-go.  They have a great selection.  They have a few tables to eat there, or take it out on the deck in the sunshine. 

b.  Jack Creek Grille and Bar: If you are looking for more options than the deli, you can get lunch or dinner in the beautiful dining area looking out at the mountain.  You can also take their food out onto the deck, and they have a beautiful bar area to enjoy drinks.


Warm Wishes from Big Sky Country!

Alex M. Neill

Montana Vacation Blog


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